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A Compass to Point the Way

Each new school year arrives like welcome waves of energy, potential, and promise: new students, new staff, new program, and new community chemistry. That wave of transformation brings with it new problems to be solved. Orienting ourselves to all that newness can be overwhelming sometimes, but the effort to adapt is what allows educators to turn promise into something tangible and valuable.

Last week, Darrow’s faculty spent two days working with educational innovator Garrett Mason of Leadership + Design learning how to use a valuable form of compass, the Innovators’ Compass. The tool is simple and easy to use. The insights it yields are sometimes complex, sometimes simple, and always useful. As a way to stay oriented and work with others to keep the organization oriented, it’s hard to beat.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by waves of change and seeking a way to find direction and balance, give it a try. And to all the school folks out there, happy new year!

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