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Happy Listening: My Top 5 Podcasts of 2016

I love to learn and to find evermore podcasts that keep me laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes scratching my head, but always learning. Happy Holidays and happy listening. I hope you enjoy some of these favorites from the past year:

Bowdoin College in Maine and Vassar College in upstate New York are roughly the same size. They compete for the same students. Both have long traditions of academic excellence. But one of those schools is trying hard to close the gap between rich and poor in American society—and paying a high price for its effort. The other is making that problem worse—and reaping rewards as a result.

NPR’s How I Built This: Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia:
A chance encounter with a stranger gave Joe Gebbia an idea to help pay his rent. That idea turned into Airbnb — a company that now has more rooms than the biggest hotel chain in the world.

Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: Entrepreneurship Strengthens a Nation 
Retired serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, creator of the “Lean LaunchPad” methodology for startups, discusses Silicon Valley’s roots as the epicenter of electronic warfare in the mid-20th century and how the region’s innovation ecosystem formed.

Harvard Business Review IdeaCast 525: How Focusing on Content Leads the Media Astray
Bharat Anand, author of The Content Trap and professor at Harvard Business School, talks about the strategic challenges facing digital businesses, and explains how he and his colleagues wrestled with them when designing HBX, the school’s online learning platform.

WNYC/Freakonomics Radio: Ten Ideas to Make Politics Less Rotten
We Americans may love our democracy, at least in theory, but at the moment our feelings toward the federal government lie somewhere between disdain and hatred. Which electoral and political ideas should be killed off to make way for a saner system?

Bonus episode:

WNYC/Freakonomics Radio: The Longest Long Shot   
When the uncelebrated Leicester City Football Club won the English Premier League, it wasn’t just the biggest underdog story in recent history. It was a sign of changing economics — and that other impossible, wonderful events might be lurking just around the corner.