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Learning First

Simon-classroomAfter drawing our first breaths at birth, we begin the process of learning almost immediately, a process that continues throughout our lives. We have discovered so much in recent years about the ways in which we learn, and we have better supports for that learning than ever before. As an educator and a leader, my goal is to make my school a “learning first” school—to design every element of program, personnel, and culture in support of developing each student’s academic and personal potential to its utmost.

After all, education is ultimately about transformation—changing both the physical structure of our brains and the way we understand ourselves and our place in the world—and this at a time when the world desperately needs better education. Given all this potential, who wouldn’t want to be a teacher today?

In future posts, I will address the topics that are helping Darrow’s students and teachers to put learning first. I hope this blog will serve as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas about educational advancement. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, opinions, and comments.